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Cycle 2 Circle

The Open Door Centre Phase 2


Chris Lifting Bike

My name is Chris Dixon

I am aged 59 am married and have 3 grown up children.

I am passionate about a small local charity in Barnet: The Open Door Centre. I have been a trustee  involved since 2003 leading to its inception and bringing the vision to reality.

The Open Door Centre is an award winning activity to the community of Barnet – primarily a drop in centre for the elderly.

The final phase of building works builds on the extraordinary success of the ground floor since 2017.

The proposed upper floor development will include a food bank, an area for one-to-one financial, legal and benefits advice and support and a winter night shelter

In 2016 when the funding for phase 1 of the development needed a final push to get us over the line, I embarked on a marathon cycling fund raising challenge.

I set about a solo bike ride to cycle between the four compass extremities of the U.K. Mainland.

I cycled the 1300 miles between the most southerly point  Lizard Point and then to the most Easterly: Lowestoft and then up to Scotland for the most westerly and finishing near John O’Groats at Dunnet Head for the most Northerly point.

It’s time for me to carry on where I left off to kick start phase 2 of the Open Door Centre.

Dunnet Head my finishing point in 2016 is at latitude of 58 degrees and 40 minutes. So by starting my 2019 ride at the same Latitude I intend to carry on heading north.

My starting point will need to be on dry land so it will be at Uddevella some 30 miles north of Gothenburg in Sweden which is at the same latitude.

From there I will cycle solo for 14 consecutive days and up to 94 miles per day passing into Norway and covering a total distance of 1000 miles when hopefully I will reach the finishing line of the Arctic Circle.

This is the Cycle 2 Circle 2019.

It will commence on June 8th and finish on June 21st, the longest day of the year and when the polar night and midnight sun phenomena can be observed.

What will be the main challenges of such a ride?

My ride in 2016 was in the UK and therefore had familiarity. This 2019 ride is in two foreign countries which introduces complexities.

Norway is notorious for the amount of rain it has even in summer so this will add a real mental and physical dimension to an already difficult challenge.

Unfamiliar and somewhat barren landscapes with the need to keep my food levels satisfied.

There will be relentless gradients to cycle up, indeed the total amount of uphill cycling on  the whole journey equates to more than twice the height of Mount Everest!

In February 2017 I was involved in a pretty serious road traffic accident involving a London Bus whilst on two motorised wheels.

This completely snapped my right femur, upper leg bone, and largest in the body,  into two pieces. So I also have a personal challenge, having been put back together again I want to see the vision of the Open Door Centre fully realised.

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